Friday, June 17, 2016

Nursing School Update #2

Well hello there everyone! (AKA, just my mom, Hi Mom! You're probably the only one reading this.) 

So I'm on my second semester of nursing school. Almost halfway done with school! Just finished up my second round of clinical rotations, and it was actually, surprisingly, a blast. I always thought I would hate caring for adults and it turns out that I was completely wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed going to clinical each day, even though my clinical were 6:30a-6:30p on Saturdays and Sundays. Even though back to back days were rough (especially since they were the days before class and exams) I'm genuinely going to miss my time at the hospital. I still have psych clinical this semester, but I won't be in a traditional hospital setting again until September. 
This is what my days consist of now. Lots and lots of notes, colorful pens, and studying. And coffee, as you saw in the first picture. 

I am also officially DONE with all my skills validations for the semester. It's crazy how much we learn and how quickly. Not really sure what possessed me to take a selfie with this mannequin during a skills test while my evaluator went to grab more supplies but i think it's such a fun representation of my life right now. 

How amazing is my husband? He volunteered to let me practice IV starts on him, and vice versa. I mean seriously, the couple who starts IV's on each other together, stays together right? 

This also goes down in the hood on Saturday nights. *Woah, jump back!* We are living the crazy life over here. :) 

Long story short, I'm still spending most of my time studying and dreaming of the day when I will once again have free time to craft, build and share our creations with whoever cares to see them. Until then, I'll be stuck in my burnt orange scrubs, telling everyone who will listen that I really am an Aggie. Thanks and Gig 'em! 

P.S. Last weekend, at the hospital, a patient's family member said to me, "Young lady, are you a t-sip?" And I assured him that I am absolutely not. Obviously he was confused since I was dressed as a giant burnt orange blob. After explaining to him that I'm forced to wear these scrubs as a UTMB student, he asked me how long I had to wear them and after hearing that I have 1 year left he said, "My condolences." So basically that's a snapshot of my life right now. :) 
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Checking In - Nursing School

Well. It's been quite a while since I posted. One of the reasons is that I haven't had the time to do any crafting, which is what I prefer to post about. Another reason is that when I do have time to do little projects around the apartment, I don't have the time to post about it. Even now, I could post about my Valentines wreath that I made, but it's definitely the end of March. 

Someday I will have the time to do things like that again, but for now I'm 100% ok with devoting all my time to learning to be the best nurse I can be. After 7 major exams, 3 skills validations, and 6 days of clinical at the hospital downtown, I can confidently say that nursing school is where I'm meant to be. 

I started nursing school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in early January. It has been the craziest, more frustrating and rewarding experience ever.

Can you tell I'm an Aggie? Every single week at clinical someone compliments my scrubs or makes a joke saying sarcastically, "So I see you're an Aggie, huh?". When I have the opportunity, I tell them, "Actually, yes, I am. This is torture." Also: please note the difference in my smile at 3 in the afternoon vs. 4:30 in the morning. One of those is 100% fake... I'll let you be the judge. ;) 

This was my first day wearing scrubs. Of course I felt the need to continually keep my stethoscope around my neck because I just felt incredibly cool like that. 

UTMB held a White Coat ceremony to mark the beginning of our nursing school journey and it was definitely a great, welcoming experience. I cannot wait to graduate in the same auditorium in just 13 more months!

I've read a lot of nursing school articles about "typical nursing school" struggles and how I'll have no social life, cry every day, and never sleep again. However, my experience hans't been quite that dramatic. I've learned that even though there is SO MUCH information being thrown at us, with very little time to learn it, it's doable. I've definitely lost sleep over school and studying, and I've had a major case of the grumps, but I've also learned that starting early and being proactive is worth it.  Everyone from former students to our instructors has been telling us over and over again how difficult one thing or another will be. But heres the thing. It doesn't actually matter how hard it's going to be because we are all just have to do it anyways. So I can either sit here and panic over what I have to accomplish, OR I can just get to work. Worrying myself isn't going to do a single thing for me. Redirecting that anxiety towards productive tasks will. 

Most importantly though, I learned that if you spend 2 consecutive weeks sitting in a wooden kitchen chair studying, you will literally bruise the muscles in your butt. Please, if you're reading this, if you plan to sit ands study for hours and hours on end, do yourself a favor and SIT ON A PILLOW.


Clearly Swarlie is an excellent study buddy. However, I wouldn't be able to get through this chapter of my life without my amazing support system. My husband, family, and friends have been extremely important to my sanity these past 2 and a half months. The amazing people I've met at UTMB have become near and dear to my heart in such a short time and I am beyond thankful for them. (If ya'll are reading this, love y'all!) 

DISCLAIMER: I am definitely not trying to say that the constant studying isn't crazy difficult, that I don't complain every single day, (shoutout to those of you that get to hear my whining all day erry day!) or that nursing school isn't hard, because trust me, April 2017 can't get here quick enough. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blogland - Month Two

Well here we are! I made it through my second month of blogging without getting bored and completely ditching this whole thing. I've  honestly enjoyed having a reason to write, and I'm so appreciative of everyone who has taken the time out of their busy lives to catch up with Landan, Swarlie and I. :)

This month I took my bridal portraits on the TAMU campus. There's really nothing quite like walking across campus in your wedding dress, so if you want to feel ridiculous, give that a try! ;) My mom and I made a bouquet together, and with the leftovers, our dog Honey just HAD to model them. Doesn't she look beautiful?
That morning we picked up my wedding dress from our (amazing) seamstress and we took her my mothers veil to look at, because I want it altered (80's "cap" situation, in addition to it being way too long for me) but obviously I couldn't get it done in time for the pictures since they were that same day. Right? Wrong. She took care of it right then and there. Everything worked out so perfectly! So clearly I had to wear it home and pose with it. I'll be wearing it every day forever, it's not a big deal, y'all just go with it.

 I may or may not have captioned this picture to Landan, "Thug Wife" and he may or may not have judged me. 

Both of those things happened. 

I did A LOT of crafting this month. Although, almost all of it was wedding or invitation related, and I don't want to share any of that until after the big day, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :) I can give you solid evidence after the big day! 

I also started a new crochet project. I haven't crocheted all summer so it's nice to have yarn in my hands again. Swarlie clearly agrees. 

We have several projects that are halfway done and I can't wait to share them. :) Until then, I'll be crocheting and writing this in my planner. Thanks and gig 'em, y'all. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Speaks to my Soul - October 30


Let's be clear. By "that time", I mean: the time where seasonal decorations are acceptable. I couldn't possibly care less about Halloween itself, but the decorations? So fun. Pumpkins, people. PUMPKINS.  And I know that tomorrow is Halloween, so before I have to take down my Halloween decorations I want to show you. :)

We are in the middle of creating an entry way table, (which honestly isn't even painted, and could really fall over at any moment because its' not finished, but is DEFINITELY decorated anyways, oops.) and a TV stand as well! We have been planning on building the TV stand for a while but I would be lying if I wasn't suddenly motivated to get started on it because with that done, we will be able to install a shelf above it to act as a mantle. Cue the heart eyes.

LOOK. I'm so pumped about our new door decoration courtesy of my BFF's mama! Stay tuned because I can guarantee you that all of the seasonal door bows/wreaths that she made for us will make their way onto this blog because they are absolutely adorable! Two days until time for the Thanksgiving wreath day... I've been WAITING!

When it comes to seasonal decorations, beyond Halloween, it really only gets better. Thanksgiving stuff is even better than Halloween, and then CHRISTMAS. Stop it. I can't WAIT for it to be acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music on the reg. 

Now enough ranting, I want to share some of the things I would do if my table was done and my mantel existed. 

PS: My friend Kate, her mom and I created this a few weeks ago. We are pretty proud of our handiwork! 

Also, I saw this and it could not be more amazing. If you know me AT ALL you know how I feel about khakis and how much love I have for my boy Jake, from State Farm. I actually had to talk to a State Farm rep on a few occasions and I consider it one of my biggest achievements in life that I never once asked: "What are you wearing, JAKE from STATE FARM?!?!" 


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My First Erin Condren Planner - The Love Story Begins

I have a problem. It's been lying dormant for quite a while and with school starting in a few months it's back in full force, so I'll just admit it. 

I am obsessed with planners. My planner is ALWAYS color coded. It's pristine. It's my lifeline, and it's on my person at. all. times.

Story time:
 My last semester at TAMU I downloaded the syllabus for one of my classes before the semester started (because putting the dates in my planner is just enticing and I couldn't stand to wait any longer) and it turned out that the dates "weren't final" and all changed before the semester started. All the (now incorrect) dates were in my planner. In ink. Green ink, because that's the color I assigned that class. I wrote an email to the prof asking in the least sassy way I could manage, if the dates were going to change again and he wrote back (in full-fledged sass, lemme tell ya) that they never changed. Well, I have a hardcopy of your original syllabus and a planner full of white out tape that proves otherwise, buddy. But clearly I'm not bitter about it or anything.

I've been this way forever... I remember the ones they gave us (that we were forced to use) in Elementary and everyone hated it, but I loved those planners so much that I literally couldn't even throw them away until last Christmas when I was forced asked nicely to clean out my bedroom back home. (Hi, Mom!)

All of that is just to explain how much I love and rely on my planner, mostly so you don't judge me for what I did the other day.... I bought this. 

The Erin Condren Life Planner.  (Oooooooooh, ahhhhh)

Now before you think that I've gone off the deep end, buying a freaking 50 dollar planner, please understand that I had a $10 off coupon. Coupons make everything better right?? (Which, P.S. if anyone wants a $10 coupon you can click THIS LINK to sign up and have one emailed to you.) And think about it. I'll be using this for 14 months, because I ordered it to start in October. So I'm paying around $4 a month for something I'll use all day everyday. Not bad right?? Plus it's so pretty and it will have my name on it! (Seriously, all the heart eyes.)

However, I chose not to order the personalized one because
 1. It ships quicker. 
2. I'll have a real cover that I can use until I get married in December when my name changes. 
3. It comes with a coupon to order a cover FO FREE. So basically I got a free cover. :) 

But, I plan to order the Photo Floral one if you're curious. It's so pretty!! Plus the covers are interchangeable and there are blogs out there that teach you how to make your own, which I'm 100% about.

And this one is really catching my eye as well. You can choose your name, or your family name, and since my family is only Landan and Swarlie, both of whom keep up with their own schedules, I'll definitely just have my name on it. :) 

I purchased it on Monday, it was originally estimated to ship on Friday, and I had it in my hot little hands on Wednesday. Two days before it was supposed to even ship. You have my heart, Erin Condren shipping people, I'm telling ya. Seriously I wasn't kidding, you can see my fingerprints all over it. 


Those are stickers for the planner, to/from stickers for gift giving, thank you cards and so on. The cute washi tape is mine, (50% off at Hob Lob, wuddup), but it was so adorable I had to include it. 

These sticker pages are included, I obviously have already used a chunk of them... somehow passing up the very MIDDLE sticker on the gold side? 

There's a folder in the back and a pouch for holding stickers, invitations or anything else you may need to keep up with. Mine is currently holding my poop stickers that I plan to mark exam dates with next semester. Standing in line at Michaels with two packs of poop stickers and nothing else pretty much sums up my life, honestly. 

Side note: "Keep it together" was on my wall in french back in my college days, (aka like two months ago) so I thought it was fate a cool coincidence that it showed up in my new planner. 

I've used washi tape to label my work schedule as well as Landans. His shifts are once every third day and I can't figure that out in my head, I'm constantly having to look at a calendar to see if he'll be available. 

P.S. This Winky Poop was literally calling my name. There was no possible way I could wait until my first exam to put him into my planner so I put it on the day my immunizations are due for Nursing school. Because I'll be in deep Winky Poop if I don't get them in on time. ;)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Finished Jewelry Box (FINALLY!)

Don't judge me for how long this took, Okay? It's the end product that matters and I'm pretty pumped about the end product, if I do say so myself!

Everything has a happy, happy home. :) The necklaces are on smaller drawer knobs, with space left for the longer lengths. The earring each have a hook, and when I inevitably get more jewelry the hooks can each hold a set of earrings if need be. 

SUCH a step up from the first box, and lets not even talk about how much better this is than the purple bag everything lived in for a few months. 

 The lace is PERFECT for studs. Plus, these knobs were originally over 9 dollars at Hobby Lobby and I got them for less than 3 dollars each on clearance. Be right back, y'all, I'm currently taking a bow and patting myself on the back. Of course they required some handiwork, the screw on the back (official word for it? anybody???) was about 6 bajillion times too long so I sawed it off (whoop!) and BOOM! Perfect. 

Bonus points if you can spot both Landan and my high school class rings. Now they aren't stuffed in a mystery drawer anymore and many many years from now we will actually be able to look at them and think about the memories and all that sappy crap. 

P.S. This bad boy is a beautiful purple, not poo poo brown. It's a trick of the light, people, I promise. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

One Month in Blog land

I cannot believe I have actually kept up with this blog for a month now! It's been in existence for about 2 years, but I haven't exactly been posting regularly... Or at all, at any point during those 2 years. 

 I know that I mostly post about our DIY's and crafts but I also want to take the time to post a little update on our lives. This snapchat form my other half pretty much sums it up.

When we moved here, Landan had been working for the fire department for a few weeks doing training and orientation, but was just starting on an actual shift. One month in and he finally caught his first actual fire yesterday. Obviously not a great day for the car owner, but it was a great day for Landan to finally get to put his skills to use!

I have visited him at work a couple of times and I won't even start to pretend that I'm too cool to sit in the fire truck and turn on the sirens. It was really freaking cool. Obviously I had to wear Landan's helmet the whole time.  I'm so grateful to everyone at the department for being so kind and for eating all the baked goods I've made for them. I am a person who hates baked goods but loves to bake, so it's really nice to be able to make pumpkin muffins on a whim and not have to eat pumpkin muffins for the next 12 breakfasts in a row. 

I've been working at Justice for the last four weeks as well. This was my high school job and although this time around I'm in a management position, I still felt like it would be the perfect, peppy place for me to work during my next year and a half as a nursing school student. 
(PS if you saw Landan's Facebook post calling me out for being a huge diva about boots, those are them! Now you understand why I was so hell-bent on finding them. Between the boots and the good hair day I was having I felt a work selfie was justified.)
Soooooomeone decided it was a good idea to wake me up at 6:30 am last week to go watch the sunset from the Seawall. There was a promise of coffee so I was totally on board. I'm so glad he thought of this because it was absolutely beautiful, and also COLD. 
We are freezing in this picture, and believe it or not we were JUST on the beach less than 24 hours before this picture was taken in swim trunks and a bikini. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on who was wearing which. ;)

I have really enjoyed these past few weeks of sharing my little projects and fun day stories with every one! I'm so grateful for anyone who takes the time out of their busy day to check on Landan, Swarlie and I. Please keep coming back to see how and what we are doing!

Thanks and gig em, Yall!